Heartful Parent

    Have you ever felt like one of these Moms?

“I’m really exhausted and finding it really difficult to find patience. It feels like I’m constantly putting out fires. I’d love to get back on a positive track.”

“I’m finding it hard to stay calm most days. I know ‘this too shall pass’ but it is exhausting.”

“I really underestimated how hard the change from 1 to 2 would be. I struggle with feelings of failure and inadequacy as a parent. I do my best to remain calm, give space and support my daughter through tantrums. Yet there is always a voice in my head saying if I was doing things right, this wouldn’t be happening. Just feeling discouraged, nothing seems to help. What can I do?”

“I thought it was a phase…and here we are still in this phase 2 years later. I’m just exhausted, fed up and tired of being stretched so thin.”

“I remember hitting a wall with my limit of sleep deprivation. It was awful.”

“I know the million things I’ve tried haven’t worked so I give up. It is very frustrating.”

“My 6 year old absolutely explodes with emotion on a regular basis. It’s totally normal and the biggest issue, as I learned, is dealing with my own emotional response.”

    Real quotes from real moms.

You can break trigger patterns and
  immediately access your calm

The Heartful Harmony System gives you simple and powerful tools to deal with stressful situations without melting down.

< You can directly experience it is possible and know how it feels to be centered and calm.

< You will be able to diffuse instead of amplify intense situations.

< Your life becomes less frenzied. You will find more breathing space as you are able to create an oasis of calm in your day.

< Your needs are a central focus in being a Heartful Parent. Like the classic airline safety rule “Put your own oxygen mask on first.”

< You can feel more grounded, safe and capable, anytime.

< Your daily routine and schedule will flow more smoothly with less effort, stress and struggle.

< Soon, your life is more relaxed and enjoyable!
You can start having more fun, while cherishing precious moments with your kids instead of experiencing stress.

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You won’t just know WHAT to do, to be calm, you will know HOW to be calm and CAN DO IT anytime you choose.

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